It is important to have a place to hide in a storm, where you feel calm and safe. in our youth, drawn by the new and unknown, we often dream of leaving our homeland, everything seems tedious and boring. this was also the case for me. but now I return more and more in my thoughts and in reality to those places with which my childhood is connected. We are sprouting like trees, putting down roots, wrapped more firmly in memories and memories every day, one by one and together with our families we become part of the area, finding traces of our surroundings, leaving traces of ourselves around us. I can wander for hours with my camera among these nooks and crannies that I have known so well since childhood, and recognize them anew. it seems that only now have I been able to appreciate the warmth and peace that the feeling of home can bring. I feel this connection physically and no longer want to break it, I embrace it.